Walldorf GCC 2018

The 2nd round of the German Cross Country Championship ended in Josefs first victory on the Alta bike.


Beautiful weather, great people and a nice track - what else could you ask for? A bike that last more than half a lap.. Tomas eMXM bike had some electrical issue after a few houndret meters, riding in front. So for Tomas it was over the first minute.

Josef started in 3rd place and rode a conservative race, trying to save as much energy as he could, to avoid running out of battery. After Tomas was out, he rode in second position, behind Justus Trautmann. Justus had to change batteries twice on his KTM. So the strategy of Josef was right and in the end he won his first race on the Alta Redshift. Markus Schade finished 3rd on his homemade bike with Bramo and Zero parts.