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The idea was born 2009, but the project really started end of 2011. The goal was to build an electric motocross bike able to race with gasoline powered bikes.

Over the last few years a lot of different bikes where build and tested. We had a lot of fun, many setbacks, met new nice people, talked to many potential partners and raced as often as possible. Thru this time the dream of a comercial version of our bikes was abandoned, at least for now. We tried to change minds and get the acceptance as a new form of motocross. In the beginning people laught about us, now more and more show the respect, does not matter if 2 stroke, 4 stroke or electric, all riders have deserved.



the farmer


We got into trouble with a farmer, riding gasoline bikes on his property. It turned out that the noise was the biggest annoyance, so the idea was born to build a silent mx bike.



After a long jurney of sourcing the right components and modifing a KXF 450, the first rollout happened. The performance was more than poor. 


step by step


A complete rethinking was needed and we started from the beginning, using complete new powertrain based on zero motorcycles. Step by step we gained more performance.


first race

On 21th september we raced on of our early prototypes for the first time. It was at a sand track and raining like hell. The bike survived both motos and we finished 11th in both of them (25 starter).




Our rider Tomas won the second moto of the first event that year. He achieved the most moto wins, 5, that year and 5th overall in class. A better result was not possible due to too much dnf`s and a broken leg.



We had meetings with different potential partner for a production version of our bikes. Due to nda`s and other agreements, we are not able to give more information.


who finished second

..was the only question since Tomas appeared in the new formed cross country ebike championship. The answer was mostly Josef, on the second eMXM bike. Tomas won every moto and Josef got 2nd in the championship.

no production

Several problems led to the decision, as we would not be able to deliver what we want and when we want..




Tomas won again all motos and Josef finished again second. That year we concentrated also most on enduro riding.



The first race is in the history books and Tomas won it, Josef finished second on his new, modified ALTA Redshift bike. We are participating all events with one eMXM and one ALTA bike. 



we installed a zero drivetrain into an quad, using it as transportation for batteries during races and motorized paraglider - and did it for fun



bike basics


modified KXF 450 frame, PERM PMS 120w motor, Sevcon Gen4 size 4, KXF gearbox and clutch, no battery



spended hundreds of hours to get the motor spin, spended again hundreds to get it spin smooth



installed a LIFEPO4 battery on the bike, after covering all components, the bike looked like we want to race the dessert and was heavy as hell - the PERM motor performed unacceptable


first mx feeling

we skipped the 5 speed for a 2 speed gearbox with clutch and the PERM motor for a Zero 75-5, LIFEPO4 went into the camper and a ZF2.8 was fitted into the KXF frame too

less is more


we build a new prototype with custom frame, without gearbox and clutch and with bigger controller and a second battery


the heat is on


we improved the bike and ran into serious heat problems, so we modified the motors for liquid-cooling - and we tested some fancy eletronic gadgets and suspension

next step


we designed and engineered the first real bike, the monocoque, new improved cooling system and new suspension 


new baby 

the first true eMXM bike needed a lot of tweaks, most of all to make it more reliable, the performance was quiet good but it tooked a lot of races to get the weak parts sorted out - at this point the bike had already 50hp



since 2013 we used self developed data logging electronics to valide improvements, in 2015 we first collected a many suspension data for the new frame



the new version, planned as comercial bike, with crmo4 frame was engineed and build



the 2016 crmo4 bike benefied from all the work in the past. The bike was very reliable, some of the innovative gadgets were removed for simplicity, as the bike was originaly designed as a comercial version.

lighter and more powerful 


we managed to reduce some weight and improve the peak power to around 60hp and continuous power to about 35hp. In racing with motos duration >20min we reduced power to 40hp.




concentrating on suspension with our partner mototech, we tweaked the bike again. The little extra weight of the bike is only noticeable when pushing the bike.



the eMXM family got a new member. We imported, as one of the very first, an ALTA Redshift MX in 2017 and are racing it. As it is a production bike, there is room for improvements. We equiped it with a high performance mototech suspension and some other nice tweaks. The eMXM bike is the same like in 2017.

- abbreviation of electric motocross monocoque 


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racing motocross, speedway and enduro for more than 40 years

Josef Iker

#50 - 63 years

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riding dirtbikes since he was a small kid, slovakia mxgp wildcard 

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